The company’s business started in 1961, in difficult times, when because of the lack of heat and electricity in the households and because of the government policy eng. Farkas Iuliu and his father decided to build for themselves a heating station equipped with burner. In the following years people from all over the country who saw the heating station asked them to build identical heating stations. As such, a small workshop with only a few workers was created and it operated within Consumption Cooperative of Sacele. Until 1989 the workshop managed by eng. Farkas manufactured and assembled more than 3000 heating stations on liquid, solid or gaseous fuel, burners and boilers bringing heat to the households and hearts of many people, becoming well-known all over the country.

After the fall of the communist regime, the workshop was privatized in 1994, being the first company with total Romanian capital operating in the manufacture of heating stations and auxiliary equipment.

In this moment the company has 6000 square meters production area and last generation CNC machines, the production focusing on heating stations with solid fuel, being the leader among Romanian companies having the same activity, by its products diversity, quality and innovations.

The products are designed by the company’s specialists and submitted to thorough tests in the company’s lab and in the ISCIR approved laboratories for homologation. The products passing these tests are series manufactured and during the manufacture process they are individually tested in various production steps.As services in the field of heat equipment – imported or Termofarc manufactured, our company provides the design of the installation, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and service.